How To Dress For Summer In The City

Figuring out how to beat the heat in a city is not easy. London has experienced an incredible heatwave over the last month and I have felt totally unprepared. From sweaty tube commutes to stuffy, humid offices – it’s not fun. I can vouch for that. England is never this warm and with a serious lack of aircon in the city I’ve resorted to a seriously savvy dress code. So, it’s bub-bye to body-hugging layers and hello to breathable fabrics and some smart style solutions. Are you struggling too? Read on…

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@jcjlifestyle: How I Got 10k Instagram Followers

Welcome to my new blog series. I decided to launch it because I often get asked questions about my social media channels and my blog; my tips, tricks and advice. I thought I’d combine my advice with someone else who is absolutely smashing it. Each post will include invaluable advice from another blogger.

So, to kick off with the first post I thought I’d tackle one of my most frequently asked questions; how do I grow my Instagram account?

I got in touch with blogger and friend @jcjlifestyle who has recently exceeded 10,000 Instagram followers. In the first six months of this year, Jasmine’s following has grown by a staggering 175% so she’s definitely doing something right! Find out how in my latest post…

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Wedding Guest Dresses For Under £100

Wedding season is now well underway and if you’ve not already, it’s now time to think about the perfect outfit to fit the occasion. I’m excited to be attending a couple this year, but with each celebration begs the question, but what do I wear? Whilst I’m well known for being a dress hoarder; I’d happily buy a new one for each one, it’s important not to splash the cash when I don’t need to. That’s why I’ve pulled together six of my favourite dresses to not only wear to all the weddings you’re attending this year but throughout the Summer too! And what’s more, they’re all under £100.

The styles I’ve chosen fit my wedding guest criteria; colourful, girlie, below the knee and versatile. So, whether you’re planning on heading to a wedding this Summer and want to look on point scan through these as I’m sure they’ll be something that fits the bill…

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Commuter Beauty

I am not a morning person. Waking up in the morning to an alarm at 6:45am is definitely not something I enjoy. I try and leave everything until the last minute to enjoy those extra moments snuggled under my duvet. The only problem with this routine is that I don’t have enough time to apply any skincare or makeup before I head out for the day. So, in between trying to get my hair to behave and heading out the door to leg it to the tube station I pack my little beauty commuter kit. It’s full of mini must-have’s which make sure that I’m prepped and ready before walking into the office.

I know amongst my friends there are strong opinions about women applying makeup on public transport. You either love it or hate it, but when you need a little extra skin boost and you have so little time; needs must.

If you’re in the same position as me but aren’t sure what to include in your commuter beauty kit then here are my recommendations…

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My 3-Piece Style Formula For Summer

Styling outfits should be easy, there’s really no point over complicating things. This Summer I have a style formula that I’ll be relying on to see me through the season. It’s quick, it’s simple and most important of all anyone can do it.

Irrespective of your budget it’s the simplest style formula for dressing this Summer. If you’re like me and love the throw on and go vibe then look no further. So, what is this style formula I’m raving on about? Dress + Bag + Shoes = The Perfect Look 

Here’s how you can do it too…

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