Getting Over My Parents’ Divorce 20 Years Later

I’ve wanted to write this post for a long time. I was unsure about where to start and I knew it would be a tricky one to write so it just went on the back burner for a long time. Why now? Well, over the Summer quite a lot in my life has changed; I got engaged. I’m now in a place where I feel that I can talk about what has happened in the past, my journey over the years and how it’s got me to a positive place where I feel content and settled. If you’re reading this and have been affected by divorce in some form or another, it may offer a little insight into how I’ve handled it and that feeling the way you do or have done isn’t unusual. So, with that said here we go…

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How Blogging Has Boosted My Body Confidence

Earlier this month I uploaded a heartfelt Instagram post talking about how blogging has helped boost my body confidence. It seems that what I said resonated with a number of my followers so I thought I’d expand a little more on the topic over here. I’ve not written much personal content on so it’s a brave new world for me. Let’s begin…

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Summer Styling With Sister Jane

Summer is probably my favourite time of year and one of the things that I love the most is creating lovely outfits to wear for the season. This year, London has been extraordinarily hot. We don’t usually have a ‘traditional’ Summer as such so dressing for the heatwave has been a bit of a challenge lately. I sound so British, don’t I? 

Since launching last year, my style has evolved; I take more risks, wear bold colours, clashing prints and unusual textures. That’s not to say that I don’t still adore minimal outfit styling, I do, but each day is different. This new found confidence has lead me to discover new ways of pulling items together as well as new brands; Sister Jane being one of them. The Notting Hill-based brand creates vintage-inspired designs with a sprinkle of eccentricity and a nod to the retro style. Its signature aesthetic is colourful, unique and fresh – right up my street!

So, if you’re after something a bit different in your wardrobe this Summer, have a look at these…

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@huesofwhite: How To Create A Beautiful Instagram Feed

Back in 2017 when I started to take my blog more seriously I came across Santina’s account and instantly fell in love. It was aspirational, curated and beautiful; I was desperate to meet the woman behind @huesofwhite. We agreed to meet for brunch earlier this year and it was amazing. You know when you click with someone immediately and you just know you’re going to be part of each others lives? That’s what I felt when we met. I was not only in awe of her fashion and blog but the fact she was the mother of two young children too. I still don’t know how she juggles it all!

When I started this blogging series, I knew Santina would be perfect for this post talking all about creating a beautiful Instagram profile. So, earlier this Summer we caught up and I got the low down on her top tips, where she finds her inspiration and the future of

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The Beauty Diaries: Vol. 2

Welcome back to my second installment of The Beauty Diaries talking about some of my product highlights over the last month. This month’s focus is all about the products which have helped boost my dehydrated sensitive skin. Ranging from masks to oils, each product delivers amazing results.

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