Becca, Part-Time Blogger

It’s crazy to think that it’ll soon be the first birthday of It’s a project that I wanted to get off the ground long before it launched; as I’ve said before, the biggest hurdle for me was finding the confidence to put myself out there. Once the blog had launched it was a case of figuring out how to juggle it with a demanding full-time job; definitely something I’d underestimated.

Drawing on my experiences over the last year I’ve come away with a lot of learnings. I’ve put this post together as an updated version of a post I wrote last year – Blogging: What I’ve Learnt This Year. So, if you’re reading this and you’re a part-time blogger my wins and fails may help you in some way or if you’re just perusing this post and want a little insight into what we bloggers do, read on…

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Wardrobe Favourite’s


The Shoe To Style With Everything

Four years ago I wasn’t a trainer girl; at all. I probably only had one pair in the back of my cupboard for the rare days I’d frequent the gym. Now I have about twenty and the collection is growing, fast. I bought my first ‘fashion’ trainers after seeing them on a photo shoot for a womenswear brand I used to work for. The stylist styled every look that day with a pair of Stan Smith’s and I was amazed at how versatile they were. They just worked; with everything! At that time, the Adidas Original’s trend had emerged onto the fashion scene, sweeping across street style sites and numerous blogger social feeds.

In my world comfort always wins and trainers are just so d*mn comfy! Style them up or dress them down, trainers really are the most versatile shoe in my wardrobe. Here’s why…

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3 Beauty Habits I Live By

I chatted with a couple of girlfriends at the weekend and it surprised me at how little they knew about skincare. Long before I started working in the beauty industry I took an interest in skincare, being that person who would read web pages upon web pages of product ingredient information, finding out what they did and how they were beneficial to the skin (or not). Whilst I know this isn’t the norm, I assumed many of my peers would have a general idea about what kind of products should be incorporated into their daily routine but it seems that in my circle they don’t. I by no means claim to be an expert but I have learnt and listened to some of the best, asking questions at any opportunity and just ‘soaking up’ as much as I can.

So, in the spirit of the above, I thought I’d put together a post which from my perspective are the cornerstones of a great skincare routine, it’s the lazy girls guide if you like. If you’re a mid-twenty-something or in my case an early thirty-something gal and you want to do the bare minimum, assuming that you don’t want prematurely aged skin then this is what you could be doing…

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What To Wear Now: March 2018

Now that we’re heading into Spring, dare I say it, London is warming up! Of course, it’s only a balmy 7 degrees, but that’s a vast improvement from earlier in the year. Ok, enough about the weather! Bored of dressing in jeans, it’s now time for me to rock a dress. The midi and maxi lengths are something I’m loving at the moment, in the right cut they’re incredibly feminine and for my shape, figure flattering. I was on the hunt for the perfect dress which had all the right ingredients for Spring city chic. So, here is what I went for…

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My Everyday Style

My everyday style is all about comfort. It’s neutral, relaxed and provides a great foundation for adding pops of colour and statement accessories. I’m not someone who lives and dies by what the catwalk reports and magazines are telling me is ‘cool’ but I do like to buy trend-lead pieces as long as they’re both functional and comfortable. On a daily basis, I combine high-end and high-street, making sure that those investment pieces are timeless so that they’ll last season after season. When shopping I specifically look for wardrobe essentials that’ll easily slot in with existing items in the knowledge that I don’t have to re-invent the wheel each time I create a look.

So, with that in mind, here is a look at my everyday Winter style and the pieces I rely on to keep me warm, comfortable and confident…

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