Apps I Use To Edit My Instagram

Instagram was part of my life in late 2012, back then no one I knew really understood what it was never mind how to use it. Little did many know, this photo-sharing app would become the platform it is today and a monetisation channel for bloggers like me.

I needed to find my theme; my aesthetic. I’d admired many accounts over the years, they all looked so cohesive, I’d scroll through my newsfeed and would instantly know that it was from such and such a blogger because of the posts’ visual identity.

A year after starting the blog, a lot of trial and error I finally feel that I’ve got there. Of course, it’s an evolution but I do feel happier that my Instagram feed is where I want it to be.

I get a lot of questions about how I edit my photos so I thought I’d share my favourite apps and the specifics functions that I love about them…

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Wardrobe Favourite’s


Why You Keep Breaking Out

Skin breakouts really are the worst. They love to crop up at the most inconvenient times be it just before an interview or hours before the first date with Mr Dreamboat from Bumble. Whilst my skin does play ball now that I’m in my early thirties (ouch – it hurts every time I say it!) it hasn’t always been an easy road. Like many teenagers, my skin went through a tumultuous time back then and I would LOVE to pick them! These days I suffer from the occasional whopper now and again but generally speaking my skin has been so much clearer in the last few years. Why? Well, a few tips I’ve received through work, from friends and a lot of trial and error.

So, if you’re after clearer, brighter skin, here are a few tips and tricks that may work for you…

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My New Must-Have Bag

You know I love a bag. Along with shoes, they’re the kind of accessory I’ll invest in. I’m not talking about any old bag, not the kind that’ll last for a mere season but the type that exudes incredible quality; it’s robust, hard-working and above all things, versatile. I must confess though that I usually stick to one colour when it comes to accessories and that’s black. Why? It’s timeless, classic and so adaptable! I guess though it can become quite samey and it’s good to have variation, right?

A few weeks ago the Radley ‘In A Flutter’ bag came into my life and it really is perfection. If you’re in the market for a new bag and you need something that’ll slot right into your Spring/Summer wardrobe let me tell you why this will be your perfect partner.

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What To Wear Now: April 2018

It seems that I’ve found my dress shape, I’m addicted to buying floaty midi dresses, you may have noticed? In last month’s ‘What To Wear Now’ post I talked about how this cut is perfect for my throw-on-and-go vibe. Once I’ve found something that works I’m the kind of girl who’ll buy it in every colour (budget permitting of course!). So, this post is going to talk you through my favourite buy of this month, showing you how I’ll be styling it this Spring!

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Skincare To Fit Your Budget

The beauty market is saturated with products that are boxed in pretty packaging and plastered with extraordinary claims, but do they really work and is it worth dropping the cash for this seasons current must-have anti-ageing cream? Not necessarily, no. A higher price point does not necessarily mean that it’s more effective.

In this post, I’ve pitted similar products against each other, a splurge and a steal, talking about my personal experience with them and how they’ve helped to boost my skin. I’ve made some recommendations about where you should spend your money, taking into account that you lovely readers will have different budgets.

All the products in this post are products which I love; I’ve personally used and that I trust to deliver results.

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