My Style Do’s & Don’t’s

After working in the fashion industry for most of my career and having a well-documented shopping habit it’s meant that I’ve picked up some practical styling and shopping tips along the way. So, here is a rundown of my styling do’s and don’t’s…

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Do Invest In Essentials

I’m all about investing in essentials, the building blocks to your wardrobe. Opt for a selection of key pieces that you can interchange throughout the year. A blazer, boyfriend jeans, a white shirt, you get the picture.  These days I invest in slightly more expensive items that I know will go the distance versus the cheaper pieces (invariably from the high street) that’ll fall apart after a season.

Do Have A Wardrobe Detox

You may have seen me talk about the mammoth wardrobe detox I had recently over on my Instagram account. Partially inspired by the Marie Kondo documentary and a scary statistic I read that most people wear 20% of their clothes 80% of the time, I vowed to sort my chaotic floordrobe out! After chucking out worn out pieces, donating others to friends or charity and keeping the essentials I find getting dressed in the morning so much easier.

Do Add Accessories

Sometimes more is more and I love to layer up my accessories, be it gold chains, multiple huggie hoops on my ears or stacking rings. Beautiful, well-styled jewels, bags, and shoes can lift any outfit.

Do What Makes You Feel Confident

And, finally my most important do –  wear clothing that gives you confidence. There’s nothing worse than wearing something where the clothes are wearing you rather than the other way around. Whether it’s comfort, colour or coziness. Whatever your styling ‘thing’ is being confident in what you wear is of the utmost importance. At the end of the day, confidence brings smiles and a smile always completes a look!


Don’t Be Afraid To Try New Things

Before I became a part-time blogger I was more subdued with my style choices. Rarely would I step outside of my fashion comfort zone, I knew what worked so just stuck with it. Sometimes it’s great to try new things, be it a bright lipstick, a statement heel or a coat that’s just a bit extra. Usually trying new things brings a whole lot of happiness.

Don’t Hang Your Knits

Now for a more practical tip. If you’ve followed me for a couple of Winter’s now you may have noticed my knitwear obsession. Being the collector that I am I’ve learned never to hang my knitwear. Why? Ever noticed the shape has gone awry or there are strange bulges at the shoulder after hanging? Yep, that’s why. Gravity is not knitwears friend so you must fold, fold, fold.

Don’t Spend Too Much On Seasonal Trends

I know it’s tempting; you see a print, a colour, an accessory “that’s so hot right now” and you just feel you have to go all guns blazing with your credit card. Just don’t. Fashion trends fade and you’ll be kicking yourself for spending too much dollar on on the snake skin print trend at – next season the print will be so passé. My advice is to buy strategically into trends and stick to your classic staples elsewhere.

Don’t Buy It Just Because It’s Discounted

And finally the sales! Oh, I do love them, but too many times have I made an impulse purchase just because there’s 40% off at Zara – doh! Think, do I really need this? Will I wear it more than once? Am I just buying it because I think I’m getting a good deal? If your answers are “no”, “no” and “yes” then back away very slowly.

So there we go, my top tips and style no-nos just for you.

Becca x






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