Why You Shouldn’t Be Afraid Of Change

There’s a lot of change going on in my life right now. It’s often viewed as a scary thing. It’s challenging, it breaks us out of our day-to-day routines and pushes us out of our comfort zone. I’ve not written a personal post in a while and whilst I’m curled up on my sofa reflecting on how my life is evolving, I thought I’d share the positives that change has brought me.


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The Routine

My routine has remained the same for most of this year; work 9-5:30pm in my digital marketing job (usually longer during busy periods) come home, have dinner and then work on my blog until bedtime which is usually around midnight. This routine has repeated over and over for a while and the weeks seem to fly by like days.

Routine is, of course, human nature and I for one love structure, but, and there’s a big but, I felt like I was stuck in a rut. I was treading water and feeling like I was hanging in limbo. My anxiety had increased and my stress levels were through the roof. It didn’t feel good.

So, I changed up my day-to-day routine thanks to a wise friend of mine who suggested I do so and things improved quickly. By mixing up even the simplest of things; walking to the tube station in the morning instead of hopping on the bus, going to the gym on my lunch break instead of after work. These are just two examples, but after a week or so I felt that my general mindset was more positive. It just goes to show the smallest of tweaks bring positive changes when it comes to the state of mind.

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With change comes opportunity and with opportunity comes growth. As I mentioned before, small tweaks lead to big changes. I’ve made a few changes over the last year and it’s amazing how new opportunities present themselves.

For me, these changes have brought all kinds of fulfillment. An example of this is where I recently plucked up the courage to negotiate a higher fee for a brand collaboration. I knew my content was good, that my audience would love the brand and that I added value. The brand agreed and I was paid the fee I requested. After this experience, I feel more confident to negotiate with brands due to changing my approach which in turn presents numerous future opportunities.


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Getting Into The Uncomfortable Zone

It’s easy to stay permanently planted in your comfort zone, it’s predictable, unchallenging and well, comfortable. I took a giant leap out of my comfort zone last year when I started iambecca.com. It was a brave new world and I was scared sh*tless! My blog and social media channels have grown from strength to strength ever since and looking back at it I wonder why it took me so long. This is one example of how stepping out of the bubble made me braver in the choices I made and generally gave me more confidence. There are other simple things which you can do to challenge yourself; be it putting yourself in a new environment, not picking the ‘safe’ choice and saying “yes” more often. Try it, I guarantee you’ll reap the rewards.

Embracing change isn’t easy, I think it takes practice. Jumping into the deep end and doing something completely different to our normal routines, in my opinion, is totally worth it.

Becca x

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