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Back in 2017 when I started to take my blog more seriously I came across Santina’s account and instantly fell in love. It was aspirational, curated and beautiful; I was desperate to meet the woman behind @huesofwhite. We agreed to meet for brunch earlier this year and it was amazing. You know when you click with someone immediately and you just know you’re going to be part of each others lives? That’s what I felt when we met. I was not only in awe of her fashion and blog but the fact she was the mother of two young children too. I still don’t know how she juggles it all!

When I started this blogging series, I knew Santina would be perfect for this post talking all about creating a beautiful Instagram profile. So, earlier this Summer we caught up and I got the low down on her top tips, where she finds her inspiration and the future of huesofwhite.com.

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Becca: Why did you start using social media?

Santina: I started using social media when I gave birth to Maximilian, I was up all night breastfeeding and re-found my love of fashion when I came across Lucy William’s “Fashion Me Now” blog and thought this is what I’d always wanted to do. Fashion from a very young age has played a huge part in my life and it seemed like the right time to start using social media as an outlet to express my creativity and inspire people.

Becca: You have a beautiful feed, how did you go about finding your aesthetic?

Santina: Oh thank you very much! I feel like my feed aesthetic has grown a lot over the last year. At first I felt like I had to stick to a specific ‘blogger’ grid but as I’ve grown over the year I’ve found that my followers actually want to see more ‘real scene’ photos. I’ve been looking to the likes of Christie Tyler from @NYCbambi whose images are curated but with a soft light touch that look real as opposed to for Instagram.

Becca: Where do you find inspiration?

Santina: I find my inspiration through various means but in particular I’ve been using Pinterest a lot more and have come across some amazing images that have inspired me to get creative and create images that I feel my readers will love. I draw inspiration from my favourite bloggers Lucy Williams and Christie Tyler too.

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Becca: What apps do you use to edit your images?

Santina: I get asked this a lot and find my inbox is full of the same questions so I’m thinking I should write a post on editing! But I use VSCO and Afterlight as my editing tools for my images.

Becca: How do you plan your posts?

Santina: I don’t really plan my posts anymore, and I don’t really stick to a specific time slot either. I now post when I want to but ensure that my images flow and mainly plan around a colour theme!

Becca: Do you use Instagram analytics to help understand what your audience likes?

Santina: Yes, this is super important to me, as I want to cater to my audience and create images that they would like to see and find inspirational as well as attracting new people to my feed also. Instagram analytics has also been helpful in understanding where the majority of my readers are from.

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Becca: From spending time with you, I know you’re all about the crop and the angle. How did this come about?

Santina: I think I was just playing around one day and I thought you know what these photos look better slightly angled and I haven’t looked back since.

 Becca: What are your all-time favourite Instagram accounts and why?

Santina: My all-time favourite Instagram accounts who I search every day are Lucy Williams and Christie Tyler. They are real girls with real style and showing imagery that isn’t too edited, they look more natural.

Becca: What are your top three tips for creating a beautiful Instagram feed?

Santina: My three top tips to creating a beautiful Instagram feed would be to follow through a colour theme (start off with yellow, moving onto red etc);  keeping the editing consistent throughout, so always use the same editing tools. But most of all, stay true to your unique self and that will shine through your Instagram and people will buy into this.

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Becca: What is the one thing you’d wish you’d known before starting out?

Santina: Just how much time it takes to edit photos and write up a blog post. It takes a lot of time, energy and effort to compile content that is reader worthy.

Becca: Your strong visual identity has caught the eye of some amazing brands. What are your highlights so far?

Santina: I’ve worked with some amazing brands from Olivia Rubin to Dune and Wallis. But my highlight so far, was being whisked away for a couple of days with Wallis to shoot their occasion wear. This was a surreal moment for me, and one I will never forget.

Becca: Where do you see Hues of White going in the future?

Santina: I would love to see Hues of White growing organically and becoming a brand where other brands would love to use me as their style consultant. That is my ultimate aim.

So, I hope you enjoyed part two of my blogging series. I’ll definitely be looking to Pinterest for new and creative ways to create content. Oh, and if you’re not following Santina, you must! She is the loveliest person both inside and out and I am so happy to have met her. You can check out her blog here.

Becca x


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