Travel Guide: The Amalfi Coast

My trip was in part inspired by (dare I say it) Instagram and the thought of eating yummy Italian food for two weeks. Over the years I’ve been fortunate enough to visit this wonderful country on several occasions and the beautiful images on social media really drew me to the Amalfi Coast. It was idyllic; everything I dreamed it would be and more.

Rather than making this travel guide an essay I thought I’d give you a little snapshot of my two weeks away and the places that I really loved. From the colourful houses in Positano to the Sapphire blue waters in Capri, all the important bits are in here for you to have a look at. Enjoy!


The first five days of my trip were spent in the hilltops of Ravello. Ahead of my travels, I’d spoken to a lot of people about my upcoming trip and every single person who’d done the Amalfi Coast told me I had to go there. From the outset, I could see why. We decided to stay at Hotel Graal which is right in the heart of the town it was in striking distance of everywhere we needed to go and had the most insane views over the ocean.

So, where to go? Well, if you’re after a spectacular view, unlike any other make sure you visit Villa Cimbrone and Villa Ruffolo. The gardens are full of the best blogger backdrops (Wisteria) and are just out of this world.

Whilst in Ravello, we ate out a lot meaning that we got to sample some incredible food. The highlights included Villa Maria Restaurant, Da Salvatore, Giardini Caffe Calce. The latter was probably our favourite spot serving pizzas the size of my head at only a couple of Euros.

The weather didn’t always play ball, so on a cooler day, we were told that the Ravello to Minori walk was something we needed to do. People will probably tell you it takes 30 minutes but that is a big FAT fib. It took around 1.5 hours to get down and 2 hours to get back up again. This is definitely something I highly recommend if you’ve not got plans for an afternoon and fancy a thigh workout! Make sure you wear your trainers.


Next up is Capri, which we visited during the week. We got the Positano Jet from Amalfi via Positano to the beautiful island off the coast of Sorrento. If you’ve seen my vlog (at the bottom of this post) then you’ll know how I feel about this place. Don’t get me wrong it was so stunning but SO busy and unless you want to be fighting the crowds all day or have serious dollar to drop at Balenciaga and Dior then I feel that this place is overrated. I’m definitely glad we went to see it and maybe we just didn’t go to the right places but if you’re staying on the mainland you certainly don’t need to spend an entire day here.


Amalfi is unsurprisingly the hub of the Amalfi Coast, it’s where all the bus tours gather and where the majority of the boat excursions depart from. It’s a pretty little place with a stunning Duomo, more gelateria’s than you can shake a stick at and a lovely beach. I definitely recommend visiting, if you get there early you can take a lovely picture on the steps of Duomo di Sant’Andrea. If you want to stay here and go somewhere a little more upmarket then check out Hotel Santa Caterina which has the most incredible pool!

Fiorde di Fiore

Sometimes you’ve just gotta do it for the ‘gram and ahead of leaving the Ravello area, we decided to pop down to Fiorde di Fiore. It took us two early morning bus rides and a lot of steps to get here but we did it and it was just beautiful. The water is so, so blue and the pebble beach is incredibly peaceful.


So, Positano, the place everyone thinks of when you say the Amalfi Coast. As we just couldn’t justify spending the inflated prices to stay here we decided to stay in Praiano and travel in and out of Positano over a few days. This place is an Instagrammers dream, full of colour, clear waters and beautiful eateries.

I was desperate to visit La Sirenuse so midway through our trip we had a bit of a ‘spendy’ lunch at the restaurant, La Sponda. If the weather is beautiful make sure you get a table on the terrace where you’ll have the most unforgettable views. Check out the beach and explore the winding lanes with the pretty boutiques. We also spent some time on a lovely walk around the cove just soaking it all in.


Praiano was lovely and quiet, and a great retreat from the hoards of tourists. It’s definitely the perfect place to stay for a calmer more authentic Italian experience. If you decide to stay here go and visit Parrocchia Di San Gennaro the beautiful church in the centre, the piazza in front of it is paved with multi-coloured ceramic tiles overlooking the ocean.

There’s also a stunning beach walk that you can do from here, enroute we stumbled across a picturesque cocktail bar called Cafe Mirente where they serve the perfect Pina Colada! I also recommend checking out Kasai which is a 10-minute walk up the hill from the main town, the food and the views are totally worth it.

Top Tips

  • You MUST visit Ravello!
  • Take the pubic Sita bus wherever you go. There’s no parking anywhere and a bus ticket is only €1 or so each way. They run regularly from Ravello down to Amalfi and back but you could be waiting for a while from Positano as the queues are seriously long.
  • Don’t bother with Sorrento. On our final day, we went here and it didn’t even feel like Italy, just package holiday heaven.
  • Travel here offseason if you can, the crowds are just crazy in the peak of Summer.
  • Make sure you visit Pompeii on your way to or from Naples Airport.
  • Get up early and see the sights to avoid the droves of people.
  • Save money by picnicking on-the-go!

Whilst I was away I was also able to vlog a lot of my trip so make sure you check out my video below.

I hope you enjoyed this post. If you’re planning on visiting the Amalfi Coast any time soon and have some questions feel free to message me.

Becca x

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