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Instagram was part of my life in late 2012, back then no one I knew really understood what it was nevermind how to use it. Little did many know, this photo-sharing app would become the platform it is today and a monetisation channel for bloggers like me.

Scrolling back through my account is really quite hilarious, from posts of the food I was eating for breakfast to pictures of my dog! There was no theme, no continuity, it was kind of all over the place. When I launched I reviewed all the content I had posted over the years and decided that it didn’t reflect what I wanted to write about and it needed a bit of tidying up. Thankfully the ‘archive’ functionality was my best friend and I chucked all the irrelevant content into that folder, now and again I have a look at it and it does make me chuckle!

Once the content was more in line with my brand, I needed to find my theme; my aesthetic. I’d admired many accounts over the years, they all looked so cohesive, I’d scroll through my newsfeed and would instantly know that it was from such and such a blogger because of the posts’ visual identity.

My mission was to find my identity, my theme, my aesthetic. A year after starting the blog, a lot of trial and error I finally feel that I’ve got there. Of course, it’s an evolution but I do feel happier that my Instagram feed is where I want it to be.

I get a lot of questions about how I edit my photos so I thought I’d share my favourite apps and the specifics functions that I love about them…


This is probably my favourite mobile app because of the ‘recipe’ or preset functionality. Having played around with this app for what seems forever I feel that I’ve finally found my hue which is slightly warmer. Once i’ve chosen my key filter I then play around with the inbuilt tools from Contrast to Saturation.

In my opinion, it’s definitely worth upgrading VSCO X with is about $19.99 annually as you have access to all the presets available which can also be used on video content.


Snapsneed is perfect for pulling out key details from brightening the sky if it’s been a cloudy day or desaturating the background. The tools really are fantastic and I love to use this app when my photos need a little something extra.


I use the ‘Detail’ functionality on a regular basis to help showcase different textures and surfaces. It’s also amazing at magically healing spots if you’re having a rubbish skin day.

Before & After

Here are two examples of some Instagram posts that I’ve uploaded onto my feed from my recent trip to the Amalfi Coast using the three apps above. You can really see that by creating a bespoke preset and pulling out the specific details helps to transform the original image.

edit 1

edit 2

I hope you’ve found this post useful. Always remember that the first twelve posts on your feed are the most important. Why? If you’re looking to grow your audience, you have approximately two seconds to draw someone in, to gain them as a follower. It’s of the utmost importance that these are spot on and in line with your brand identity.

Becca x

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