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I chatted with a couple of girlfriends at the weekend and it surprised me at how little they knew about skincare. Long before I started working in the beauty industry I took an interest in skincare, being that person who would read web pages upon web pages of product ingredient information, finding out what they did and how they were beneficial to the skin (or not). Whilst I know this isn’t the norm, I assumed many of my peers would have a general idea about what kind of products should be incorporated into their daily routine but it seems that in my circle they don’t. I by no means claim to be an expert but I have learnt and listened to some of the best, asking questions at any opportunity and just ‘soaking up’ as much as I can.

So, in the spirit of the above, I thought I’d put together a post which from my perspective are the cornerstones of a great skincare routine, it’s the lazy girls guide if you like. If you’re a mid-twenty-something or in my case an early thirty-something gal and you want to do the bare minimum, assuming that you don’t want prematurely aged skin then this is what you could be doing.

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I’ve spoken about this topic on numerous occasions, it’s something I will do morning and night, without fail, no matter how many Gin and Tonic’s I’ve had! When cleansing, you’re not only getting rid of residual make up and SPF but also helping to de-clog pores. By cleansing in the morning, you’re also prepping your skin to make the very most of the products you apply to your skin afterwards and by cleansing, at night you’re removing products such as SPF and make up that are designed to stay on your skin.

I rotate cleansers throughout the year depending on how my skin is feeling. At the moment I’m using the light time cleanse and glow from This Works, applying a pea-sized amount onto dry skin and massaging it in. It’s formulated with water-activated Vitamin C and soothing Vitamin E so after a minute I splash a little water on to my skin so it emulsifies. After I’ve done that for about another minute or so I’ll then wash it off with lukewarm water.

The cleansers I steer clear of are foaming ones. More often than not, foaming formulations mean that they’re full of naughties which wreak havoc on my sensitive skin, leading to breakouts and a whole lot of redness! I stick to natural wear possible.

Get cleansing ladies!

My Favourite Cleansers


In excess UV rays can prematurely age the skin, so I tend to avoid sunbathing. Sunshine, of course, is extremely important, those Vitamin D’s are necessary for the body, but everything in moderation, right? When I look for an SPF I make sure it covers both UVA (ageing) and UVB (burning). The former protects the skin from skin ageing and the latter, from skin burning. I’ll wear SPF every single day because even in the darkest depths of a British Winter the UV rays can still damage your skin which ultimately lead to the skin prematurely ageing.

As this post is about the everyday use of SPF and I live in a city it won’t talk about how suncream should be used on holiday, that’ll be covered off in another post this Summer no doubt. My job requires me to be inside all day, I pop out to Pret at lunch and occasionally head out to meetings, which means that I opt for a once a day cream under my make up. Alternatively, if I’ve decided to go make up free then I’ll reapply throughout the day.

When I look for an SPF there are two choices; a traditional suncream or a moisturiser that includes an SPF. I use both types (not at the same time) depending on what I’ll be doing that day. I opt for a minimum of SPF 30, making sure that it’s also lightweight. Here are a few of my favourite’s…

My Favourite SPF Creams


Finally, I make sure that I include a Retinol product in my nightly routine, either within a serum or moisturiser or a more targeted treatment. It’s an ingredient that has been proven to minimise the breakdown of Collagen, the ‘glue’ in our skin that helps skin strength and elasticity. It’s so fantastic that it also helps to combat pigmentation, wrinkles, dryness and skin blemishes – pretty good, right? Once I’ve cleansed I’ll apply a Retinol product and then my nightly moisturiser.

If you’ve not incorporated Retinol into your routine before it’s best to start at a lower percentage, such as 0.5% or lower using it every couple of nights, building it up over time to every night. As I’ve used this ingredient in my routine for a number of years now I use a 1% Retinol treatment in my skincare routine every other night. Brand guidelines differ of course, so it’s best to check the instructions to make sure that it’s being used appropriately.

My Favourite Retinol Products

It’s a given that every skincare routine should be more rigorous than the aforementioned, these are just the three key habits I incorporate into my daily routine to help make my skin look and feel the best it can.

If you’re after some more details about my daily skincare routines I’ve listed some blog posts below which may be helpful!

I hope you’ve found this rather lengthy post inciteful. I love to learn about new products, ingredients and techniques so I thought I’d share what I know with you guys.

Becca x

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