How I Get Radiant Skin

Lacklustre skin has been something that I’ve struggled with on and off for as long as I can remember. This is in part due to having dry skin but also not having the understanding of what kind of ingredients boost my skin to make it radiant.

February has been a pretty dismal month in London, the rain is relentless and the wind has been brutal (gosh I sound British!) The point is that this weather wreaks havoc on my skin; chapped lips, dryness, and skin dehydration – blurgh! Luckily, through my full-time job and reading up a lot about product ingredients I have found three skincare products that have salvaged my skin. Hurrah! Here are the products that I’ve been relying on this Winter.


Lixir Vitamin C Paste

First up is Lixir’s Vitamin C Paste. Their mantra “…essentials for everyday skin needs and targeted night care for skin concerns – an advanced yet relaxed approach to good skin.” This really is music to my ears. So, what’s so special about this product? Well, the Vitamin C of course! It’s incredibly active and a key anti-ageing ingredient that gently brightens and firms the skin. It’s known for its antioxidant benefits that protect the skin from free radicals such as pollution which subsequently break down collagen and promote unwanted wrinkles.

I’ve been using their Vitamin C Paste for some time now; using it in the morning when my skin looks sallow. Before applying it, I thoroughly cleanse my skin and then apply an even layer for ten minutes. The results? Smooth, luminous skin, the kind that only needs a bit of corrector under the eyes before I head out to work. My favourite part is the smell; Mandarin and Jasmine which is so uplifting. This compact bottle is a true radiant hero!


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This Works Evening Detox Spray-On Exfoliant

This Works’ Evening Detox range launched this year; designed to optimise the skins’ recovery from the damaging effects of pollution. One of the key ingredients in this exfoliant is Salicylic Acid. Now, an acid may sound scary but let me explain how this wonderful ingredient has overhauled my skin.

Here’s the science behind it – Salicylic Acid is a BHA (Beta Hydroxy Acid) that has incredible brightening benefits. The exfoliating nature of it means that it gently sweeps away dead skin cells, tackling breakouts and clearing pore congestion, so after applying it before you go to bed you wake up with visibly clearer, brighter skin. Pretty amazing, right?

The Spray-On Exfoliant deeply cleanses my skin without being abrasive like some exfoliating scrubs. This nighttime spritz is now firmly cemented into my skincare routine.



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Ren Ready Steady Glow

A new product for my skincare repertoire but an oh-so-important one is Ren’s new AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acid) tonic, Ready Steady Glow. Used daily this golden wonder bottle overhauls skin dullness and evens out my skin tone.

With Lactic Acid and Willow Bark Extract it gently smoothes and firms my skin, reducing the appears of fine lines and tightens enlarged pores. So, if you’re in need of a simple skin booster that fights skin congestion and tackles dry, rough skin this is the product for you!


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I’ve been learning so much about the key ingredients that really do make a difference to the skin at this time of year. I thought this post would be a great place for me to share what I’ve learnt and the positive benefits that these ingredients have had on my skin this Winter. So, the good news is that the days may be dreary but it doesn’t mean that your skin has to be!

Becca x

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