My First Vlog

Starting a YouTube channel was definitely a daunting prospect but it was one which I felt was a natural extension of my blog. As I mentioned in a recent blog post, Blogging: What I’ve Learnt This Year the main hurdle that needed ‘jumping’ in order to start a blog and now a YouTube channel was self doubt. The time off to reflect on my year over Christmas and being invited to join RewardStyle in December gave me the confidence to take the next step and leap into the world of vlogging!

So, here is my first ever vlog which was voted by my Instagram followers to be a ‘Get To Know Me’ video answering all your questions about me and how I became a blogger. I’m aiming to post a video every week talking all things style, beauty and travel. Make sure you stay up-to-date and subscribe to my channel here >>

Before I started my channel I reached out to a couple of vloggers who were smashing it for some much needed advice on the type of equipment I needed. To all you lovely ladies, you know who you are so thank you! Here is what I am currently using:


After researching online and speaking to a few vloggers I decided to go for the Canon 80D. John Lewis was the best place for me to purchase it from because they always price match and have a guaranteed 2 year warranty. I chose this model because of it’s versatility; it is the perfect camera to use for both photography and video with the budget I had. The rapid autofocus feature tracks moving objects so i’m guaranteed to get sharp, high definition videos for my vlog and with 24.2MP i’m going to get detailed shots when i’m out and about.


I needed a tripod so I opted for the Velbon EX-440 as it’s both portable and functional, extending up to 153cm. Whilst in the land of tripods it’s probably considered quite basic, it suited my needs, offering a smooth extension system and a 90-degree camera plate rotation.


The BPS 1250W Photography Studio Softbox Lighting Kit available on Amazon had been recommended to me by someone on Instagram. It’s super easy to set up and put away, diffusing the right amount of light for my YouTube video.


Finally, I needed a shotgun mic as the in-built mic on the Canon 80D wouldn’t be sufficient for my needs. I went for the RØDE VideoMic GO On Camera Microphone, the high quality, directional microphone is powered by plugging it into the camera clipping neatly on top of my camera. I’m extremely happy with the sound quality of my first video so this was definitely a good purchase.

I hope you enjoyed my first vlog, i’d love to hear from you about topics you’d like me to film. Make sure you subscribe too!

Becca x


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