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I’m forever banging on about the benefits of wearing an SPF. Since i’ve worked for a beauty brand i’ve learnt so much about how the sun affects the skin, even when it’s not sunny. It’s apparent that many people feel that they don’t need to wear a suncream because it’s dark and dismal in England most of the time – wrong! Wearing an SPF on a daily basis will help to prevent facial brown spots and skin pigmentation whatever the weather. It’ll also reduce the appearance of ‘spider’ veins, blotchiness and will slow down premature ageing – yes, wrinkles! So, here are some of my favourite SPF moisturisers that can be worn everyday, all day and are also ideal for sensitive skin.



This Kiehl’s suncream has been formulated with a 100% mineral based filter and is ideal for sensitive skin. The SPF 50 delivers powerful UVA/UVB protection and will help to prevent premature skin ageing. It’s infused with Vitamin E which means that it’ll protect the skin from environmental pollution. Oh and it’s very lightweight so your pores won’t feel clogged up!




Eve Lom

As someone who burns, I wear SPF 50 all over my face and neck. This Eve Lom Daily Moisturiser SPF 50 is a lovely everyday suncream. The cream is super gentle and great for  my sensitive skin. The consistency is light so if I wear make up it’s a great base layer for my foundation and concealer. It’s definitely at the more expensive part of the scale, but you’ll definitely notice the difference. With its Vitamin C that will diminish the appearance of dark spots, Lactic acid to gently exfoliate and and help eliminate breakouts it’ll certainly help you to achieve bright, radiant skin.




Ultrasun’s SPF 50+ is all-in-one skincare and sun protection. It’s advanced anti-ageing formula delivers long-lasting sun protection. It contains a liposome formula which means it’ll hydrate the skin and help reduce the signs of ageing. It’s free from unnecessary ingredients like oils, emulsifiers and fragrance – perfect for skin that gets irritated easily! It’s a high performance suncream that is waterproof and is suitable for sensitive skin. 


Becca x

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