Beauty Sleep & How To Get It

Over the years my sleeping patterns have been poor. From staying out late when I was at university to letting stress and anxiety take over my thoughts, hindering me from a decent night’s sleep. This lack of sleep has affected many things in my life; it’s meant that i’ve been irritable, lacked focus, been overly fatigued as well as having an impact on my skin.

From working in the beauty industry i’ve learnt so much about how sleep affects the skin. As we age, even one night of insufficient sleep shows on the skin. For me this comes in many forms from, redness, dark circles and dull skin. During the deepest stage of sleep, the tissue in your skin repairs. Without enough deep sleep, this repair process slows down resulting in premature ageing. The term “beauty sleep” is certainly more than a figure of speech!

These days my sleeping patterns have vastly improved; the time I go to sleep and wake are more routine and my skin and overall wellbeing is definitely better! Because of this I thought i’d share the items that I use to help me get a better night’s sleep and also those which support my skin. Enjoy!

Sleep Plus Pillow Spray

This pillow spray is a fast acting natural remedy which has helped restore my sleep patterns. Before I brush my teeth i’ll spritz the fragrance of Lavender, Vetivert and Camomile over my pillow and the top of my duvet so my room smells wonderful. The formulation is then released continuously throughout the night so i’m guaranteed to sleep all the way through until my alarm goes off in the morning. Gone are the days that I take over the counter sleeping pills; this night time mist has really done the trick!

Sleep Plus Pillow Spray




Another product from This Works, No Wrinkles Midnight Moisture is a super hydrating cream that supports my skin when I sleep. It’s been formulated with gorgeous ingredients such as Persian Silk Tree extract to support skin detoxification, anti-ageing Retinol, hydrating Hyaluronic Acid, Shea Butter, Jojoba and Evening Primrose Oil. I’ll pop this on after i’ve cleansed so i’ll wake up with a firmer, more plumped complexion.

No Wrinkles Midnight Moisture


Silk Pillowcase

Do you ever wake up with ‘pillow face’? I know I used to! I purchased a silk pillowcase at the beginning of the year and this is no longer a problem. Sleeping on silk can help skin stay healthy and smooth and will help to reduce the appearance of facial wrinkles, especially those horrid lines you get in the morning from cotton. Your face has more contact with your pillowcase than any other fabric so picking the right one is very important. The fabric will help your skin retain moisture so sleeping on silk is a great option for helping your skin maintain its natural hydration levels. What’s not to love?

Silk Pillowcase


Eye Mask

I also like to use an eye mask, especially in the summer when the sun comes up early. It helps to cut out light so the chances of falling asleep and staying asleep are greatly improved! This pink one from Slip is so pretty and the fact that it’s made of silk will mean it’ll support your skin too!


My Sleep Tips

As well as using the products above, here are some other tips to help maintain healthy sleeping patterns.

  • Work out! Regular exercise, such as walking or cycling, can dramatically improve the quality of your night time sleep.
  • Cut out caffeine, alcohol and smoking.
  • Keep your bedroom cool, 21c is the optimum temperature.
  •  Switch off! Try and stay away from TV’s, laptops and phones at least an hour before you head to bed.

Becca x

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