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During the summer months my anti-ageing solution is to fake it and by faking it I mean faking a summer glow. The kind of glow i’m talking about isn’t something that can be achieved with a tanning product alone, but with a little extra skin boost. A golden boost! I’m not talking Bond girl gold, but a beautiful shimmer that leaves my skin feeling sleek. Here are 3 products that will instantly boost, nourish and hydrate so you’ll be filled with maximum body confidence.

This Works – Skin Deep Golden Elixir

This Work’s gorgeous body serum has been a summer staple of mine for the last few years. I only need a small pump and it instantly transforms my skin from dull and dry to sleek and smooth. Its most notable ingredient is 24 carat gold which stimulates the collagen in the skin. Usually, i’ll layer it over my faux tan and apply it to my arms, legs and décolletage. It gently highlights and contours making me feel polished from head to toe.

This Works - Skin Deep Golden Elixir


Charlotte Tilbury – Supermodel Body

Charlotte Tilbury’s clever body applicator hydrates, contours and boosts dull skin quickly. The key ingredient for me is Mica, which illuminates and diffuses light to minimise skin imperfections. I roll the applicator down the centre of my shins and across the tops of my arms for a lovely glow, blending it in with my fingers. It’s a great 365 product; an easy on-the-go size which I have in my handbag so it’s there to be applied at any moment. The highlighter firms, smoothes and refines skin lacking in Vitamin D making it glossy in minutes!



Estee Lauder – Bronze Goddess Hair & Body Shimmer Oil

This lightly scented 2-in-1 hair and body oil is a must-have for the summer season and beachy holidays. The sumptuous oil is dispensed in a compact spray bottle that helps to treat dull skin whilst also taming wild locks giving everything a beautiful shine. It should be applied to the skin after showering and cleansing for an endless summer glow.

3b1b0daa572ecd00f00629d4d9fae8c4_xlargeEstee Lauder - Bronze Goddess Hair & Body Shimmer Oil

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