Heatwave Heroes

With temperatures set to stay at a record high all week, stay cool and polished with the heatwave heroes that I swear by.

Heatwave Heroes


St Tropez Gradual Tan

I purchased this month’s Marie Claire magazine and got a free 50ml sample that i’ve used religiously for the last couple of days. The cream gave my pale skin an instant colour boost whilst gradually building up a healthy glow. I apply it with a tanning mitt after a shower just before I head to bed. The lightweight texture blends in very easily – definitely no streaks! I then wait for a a couple of minutes for the cream to dry and then pop on my PJ’s. The next morning I wash off the excess and ta-dah i’m a bronzed woman straight off the Rivera!

You can even get 25% off your next purchase with them too. Go to www.sttropeztan.co.uk, choose the products you like and enter MARIECLAIRE25 at checkout!

St Tropez Gradual Tan


OPI Nail Polish

Hot weather means naked toes and bare toenails are just a no-no in my book, probably because mine aren’t the prettiest! This polish from OPI, My Dogsled Is A Hybrid is a spring favourite of mine. The colour is a mix between a jade hue and mint green, which I find is perfect for a paler skin tone. What’s great about OPI is that it lasts for a solid week without chipping. Definitely worth it!


My dogsled is a hybrid nail polish.jpg

Zara Sandals

Pearl sandals are everywhere right now. I’ve been after this style from Zara for the last couple of weeks, but haven’t been able to locate my size. At the weekend the stars were aligned and I found the right ones – hooray! The reason I love these so much is due to their versatility. They can be worn with dresses, skinny jeans and even a wide leg cropped trousers. Prints, block colours you name it they’ll work. I know i’ll be living in these this summer.

Zara Pearl Sandals


Quay Australia Sunglasses

I love a metallic shade. This Quay Australia pair work with any outfit I wear so they’re always be in my handbag.


Quay Australia

French Connection Cotton Dress

A cotton dress is a warm weather wardrobe staple. As cotton is a breathable material there’s little chance you’ll swelter. Embrace a longer length that works in the office or by the pool with neutral flats. Don’t let the heat defeat your style.

French Connection Dress


Living Proof Anti-Frizz Spray

Frizz is something that I battle with on a daily basis and it really does make me freak out. There’s only so much my trusted pair of GHD straightners can acheive and that’s why I turn to Living Proof’s magic spray in a bottle. I style my hair in the morning and spritz on the humidity shield before I head out the door. It really does keep my wild hair at bay, maintaining a smooth appearance throughout the day. Happy Becca!

Living Proof Hair Spray


So, these are the staples I rely on at this time of year, they’re all fantastic. I hope you enjoy the warm weather this week and make sure you wear SPF!

Becca x

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